The flat mates of StessoPiano can access to a Honor loan (without expenses and without interests), this is an help for young students and workers, in order to support their housing autonomy and pay the expenses for starting the rent.

The expenses that can be covered by the Honor loan are:

  • deposit
  • first month of rent
  • StessoPiano fee

The Honor loan is funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and it is for flat mates that find a room with StessoPiano.

The application for the loan has to be made at the moment of the signature of the contract.

The loan and his return (in small monthly installments) are agreed with StessoPiano.

Prestito d'onore, uno strumento per i giovani

Honor loan, an help for students and workers. In the pic, Prashanth and Sandeep, flat mates of StessoPiano