StessoPiano is a project that support the rent of apartments in Turin for students and young workers, between 18 and 35 years old.

The service is offered to all members of the StessoPiano network: the membership card is free.

Here the form to fill:

If you are alone, we can help you to find flat-mates.

When you sign the contract with the owner and the others flat mates, the StessoPiano agency fee is 190.00 euro/each (as individual fee for a single room or to share if double one).

StessoPiano offers to flat mates the opportunity to receive a honor loan, without interests and without additional costs.

Here you can find all the rooms and apartments available at the moment:

If you are interested in any rooms/apartments, please come to our office in order to receive more information.

The information desk is in via Massena 1G, Turin and our opening times are:

Monday – Wednesday – Saturday→ 10am – 3pm
Tuesday – Thursday – Friday → 3pm – 8pm

If you need more information you can write us to [email protected]


Affitto a studenti e giovani lavoratori a Torino

Rooms for students and workers, here flatmates Bianca, Davide and Elena