Management of the apartment:
Group Dialogue

The experience of cohabiting a home, a relationship, a time and/or workspace must be recognized as an opportunity to share a common good for each of us, as well as a significant opportunity for mutual support and the invention of well-being.

Our project was born with the aim of encouraging communication between the staff of Stessopiano, the owners and cohabitees to develop the autonomy of the relations between all of us in the management of the lease, working together for all its duration.

Collection and sharing of apartment documents*

Owners are required to provide the following documents:

  • copy of recent electricity/gas bills and POD/PDR codes (required)
  • copy of boiler instruction manual (required)
  • copy of the boiler maintenance certificate (required)
  • copy of the appliance handbook (if available)
  • copy of the condominium regulation (required)
  • list of household appliances
  • list of furnishings


All the above copies must be present in the apartment

Start of the rental (entrance to the house) *

A) The owners accompany the residents in the apartment to show them:

  • positioning, operation and reading of light, gas and life-saving switch meters
  • positioning of the central water tap
  • the owner should show them if there are any sensitive surfaces or floors that need to be treated with specific products

B) The owners and co-inhabitants check the correspondence between what is present in the apartment and what is listed in the furniture list:

  • operation of household appliances
  • operation of the shutters
  • state of the furnishings (beds, mattresses, desks, painting of the walls and other furniture)


We recommend you owners to notify the condominium administrator of the lease agreement within 60 days of registering with the Agenzia delle Entrate. meanwhile We suggest that you share a lunch or dinner with the residents in the rented apartment.

Management of the apartment *

A) Malfunctioning of household appliances/furnishings or water/moisture loss:

  • the co-habitants shall contact the owner in good time to enable him to act promptly and, where possible, to avoid a worsening of the problem.
  • co-habitants also update the owner’s response to the problem.
  • the owners, contacted in good time by the co-habitants, are concerned to intervene promptly and to assess the actions necessary to solve the problem.
  • the owners themselves inform a plan of the type of intervention carried out

B) Ordinary maintenance of boiler / activation of utilities:

  • co-habitants must carry out at their own expense routine maintenance of the gas boiler once a year
  • cohabiting persons can communicate their consumption of light and gas through self-reading (the instructions are in the bill)
  • the co-habitants in the apartment with central heating, can reduce consumption by bringing the valves to 2/3 or even zero if you are out of the house for several days
  • owners must indicate their technicians for routine maintenance of the gas boiler to the co-habitants
  • in the event of activation / transfer of electricity, gas, waste tax and change of residence, the owner, within 30 days of signing the contract, must verify the initiation of the procedures.

C) Safety and security:

  • people who leave the house for long periods (e.g. during holidays) must remember to close the water, gas and windows and close the central water tap in order to avoid damage, theft or dangerous situations;


Now that you have exchanged telephone numbers, it would be a gesture of mutual kindness to feel, from time to time, for a telephone exchange on how you are and the lease.